Wednesday, April 28, 2010

ONE different condom

Once its purpose is fulfilled (or promised to be) I doubt many will get caught up on witty packaging design, but while fulfilling their shelf life, these condoms look pretty damn cool. ONE might not be different from another when the lights are out and the heat is high, but at least they're worth posting on some blog. One can even compete to design one's own for ONE, should one want to.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Welcome to the blog! Here's what's going on...
this is a sex-positive forum intended to be a fun & enjoyable outlet for sexuality based info & media. It serves as a hub for a new project: the experiential sex experiment, in which sex is explored, discussed, and shared in a lighthearted, personal, and often real perspective. All are welcome to contribute: send your sexy photos, videos, stories, opinions, or anything else to:

and you will likely see them appear here (so only send stuff that you are comfortable with everyone else seeing). Hot, yeah? and, if you're just interested in seeing what's here, that's cool too. Keep checking back for more stuff 'cause this boat has just started rockin'.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

erotic fiction, done with diction

Saucy, with the right balance of spice & tang. Heather Lin, erotic fiction writer + cute, sex-savvy girl next door, has recently released

This short story ebook download weighs in at a whopping $2.50 for purchase. Wait a tick, was that $2.50 I just heard? Yes, it was. So, skip coffee tomorrow and get this instead. It's hotter and it'll keep you up past your bed-time. Plus, your purchase will help a kick-ass college kid get where she wants to be & encourage more hot reads. It'll make you feel good in your heart and in your pants.

and speaking of sex toys...

here's a new one:
It's a design out of japan, seems to be catching on quickly, and is surprisingly cute. A friend of mine mentioned sending some to a mate over seas who's hooked on them. In the upper link, you can see the different designs available. interesting. I'm curious to see if it lasts, or if will find it already obsolete to the ever thrifty, ever handy hand. It might drop to the novel seasonal status of the Cadbury Egg. I'll refrain from making a "cream filled" joke here, but it would be interesting to see the bunny lay this one:

one cool shop

Cool stuff is always, well, cool. and, in the world of sex toys, picking through and finding what is right, hot, and even safe for you can be tough. One company that I have long felt good about is the Smitten Kitten, who has been growing since conception. Sure, there is a time and place for those amusingly filthy little hole-in-the-wall sex toy shops every city has, but if you're looking for an alternative from the novelty, a place of caring suggestion and great product, this is one of them. Not many know of the dangers of the unregulated, often corner-cutting world of the larger sex-toy industry, but this is one of the few places that I know of who not only holds a high health standard for its own stock, but whose creators have even gone on to create an organization focused on better sex toy education. I'll talk more later about good toys and top-notch shops, but till then, check out my favorite to date:

& for more info on the concerns of toxic sex toys + helpful tips for purchasing wherever you choose to go, CATT is another worthwhile stop.

Friday, April 23, 2010

3D is bangin'

"So when the tennis ball comes out of her butt cheeks and into the camera, it's going to look like it's coming right at you."

It should be in Imax, for educational purposes. Cute, silly, but arousing? Maybe I'm just behind the times. or maybe if they made the glasses a bit sexier...

Monday, April 19, 2010

so it's proven:

If you didn't believe that sex is fun, well, here's the proof. ha. Sure, some porn, sex toys, erotica, stories, or less dry personal experiences could have told you that. but in case you're a hard case, here's the hard-line case that a hard-on can lead to a good case. Now while this proof is admittedly a bit less enjoyable than the rest, it's exponentially less embarrassing if your parents walk in on your, uh, studies.